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Without all the nasty animal testing TM

LEGAL DISCLAIMER  - Eco Elf is beginning animal testing in 2010

Michael McClure is Eco Elf. He is an environmentalist, father, surfer, author, actor, comedian, and he is my husband. He wrote and performed his stand up comedy routine at Tantra Theater this Saturday. Even though his environmentally themed material was not tested on animals, and he ranted about his over-controlling wife, I couldn't be more proud. His work is designed to educate, inspire and of course, entertain. People were falling out of their chairs laughing, and most of the email feedback I got after the show was that he was the highlight. Initially, I wasn't sure how environmental comedy fit into tantra theater, and I was afraid people were going to think that I just put him in the show because I am sleeping with him. But after much meditation, I feel that environmentalism is the newest frontier for tantrikas. Just ask Annie Sprinkle about her new passion for eco-sexual art. Tantra is not just about worshiping our own bodies as sacred, but our collective body...mamma earth. His vision is to take this routine out into the world as a creative form of environmental activism. He will be performing at green conferences and festivals. Feel free to contact him if you have any further questions or comments about his work..

Michael McClure

Create Your Badge Hey, this is Eco Elf. To make going green easy and fun, I have developed the cruelty-free GreenSweep Game. It allows you to score how green your home and life are and then to play the game of increasing your green score. My son Devin loves it (though he's too young to tell us.)

Michael McClure (Eco Elf)
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